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Pierce County Attorney

Loberg Law Office, LLP is a full service law firm that has a history of more than 50 years of respected service to the local community. Although there have been many changes in the nature of the legal practice and firm make-up, one tradition is continuously maintained: hard work and prompt service. The attorneys at Loberg Law Office take pride in their work and strive to satisfy the various needs of their clients by providing sound legal advice and vigorous representation.

Family Law Attorneys

Family Law practice requires a compassionate and caring attorney that will look out for the best interests of the client and client’s family. The Attorneys at Loberg Law Office understand the complex emotional situations underlying family law disputes and will handle your legal matter with great care and respect.

Estate Planning

The attorneys at Loberg Law Office are experienced estate planners. Estate planning is the process of determining how to manage your property and assets during your lifetime and following death or incapacity.

Real Estate Attorneys

The attorneys at Loberg Law Office are experienced real estate attorneys and will provide quick responses to your real estate needs. We value our clients and strive to provide competent, quality services and prompt attention to the immediate task.